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too many babies and you’re a freakin’ axe murderer

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If you want to see the underbelly of abortion, you need look no further than the putrid abhorrence foisted upon the Duggar family; they of 19 children. Certainly 19 children (going on 20) is an incredible number, but if you didn’t know better, you’d think the Duggars are child molesters. I suppose if they’d aborted 19 kids we’d be told to mind our own stinkin’ business. But actually bring 19 kids into the world and suddenly it’s everybody’s business to cast viscious judgment upon them.

You’ll find an article about them from The Huffington Post here. But the story is not the story. It’s the comments that give the real picture. I’ve included a few below. Oh, and if you think I just cherry-picked the negative comments, you’d be wrong. But don’t take my word for it; check them yourself. I essentially just went down the list. That delightful Duggar family, eh!

That just sounds like an awful lifestyle. I’ve watched the show once or twice, and as a Christian, they creep me the hell out, especially the father. I couldn’t imagine being constantly knocked up like she is and having my life revolve around popping out more babies. If you love children and believe in raising children in a nuturing home, why not adopt children instead? My grandma had 11 kids, but that was before birth control and condoms. To have 18 in this day and age just seems unthinkable.

There should be a new TV Show called, “America’s World of Freak Families”, kind of like the Adams Family and My 8 kids.

They are truly warped and no doubt grossly under educated. If the Duggans are homeschooling the kids the mother is truly irresponsible. All the older children are in fact surrogate parents because the biological parents have evaded responsibility for their choices. God didn’t give her all those kids – biology did!

The creep me out. Those kids are little brainwashed robots, and the parents…­..shiver,s­hiver.

One kid for every sex act. Sounds (christian) right to me…

How long do I have to be exposed to this picture of Jim Bob and the Bobbettes on the comedy link?

Here are similar comments from a Duggar family story on The Baby Center Community:

OMG! How much more can her poor body take!?! I mean it MUST start to wear on her body…..personally if I were her I would want to be there for the kids she has NOT vs. risking her health/life by having more. Now I don’t know if she’s risking her health and life but wow really how much can the body really take? Her first grandchild is going to be older then her own child!

great that article frightened me LOL! hopefully some of those kids will turn “normal”… i mean they aren’t bad people but i think their kids need some freedom and creativity…

Gross!!!  But good for them.  I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby 🙂

OMG are you kidding me? I don’t even understand how thats possible. While i think they are weird and cultish, I completely respect the fact that she is a SAHM. And her husband is around a lot too. So yeah, they may have 19 kids, but at least they’re taking care of them!

ridiculous.  She ought to start giving babies out as gifts at Christmas time.

You have to remember that these are extremely religious people who put their health and happiness in the hands of God. They dont believe they are putting themselves at risk because God will take care of them. I don’t happen to agree, but I think to each his own and I wish them the best of luck.


When you read comments like these, and worse, you realize what the abortion debate is all about. It’s not primarily about the arguments over the humanity of the fetus or about “choice.” It’s about a profound contempt for human life and the interference that such life poses to our idolatrous desires for radical, individual autonomy and self-assertion. Would that such invective was coming only from those “godless” secularists, but it’s not. It’s coming also from many followers of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it’s directed at the very blessing that God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden, the blessing of children in the context of marriage. Connected to the modern contempt for babies is also contempt for the relationship out of which God intended for them to come, the “one flesh” union of husband and wife. So unless or until such profound contempt and disdain for marriage and the fruit of married life, namely children, is repented of, we will see the continuation of the abortion conveyor belt – and all manner of “compassionate causes” to justify it.


Written by Michael Duenes

September 10, 2009 at 4:01 am

Posted in Duenes, Reflections

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