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Supernanny needs to recommend the rod!

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OK, I had absolutely no intention of writing about this, but I’m literally in pain here watching “Supernanny.” Why, you ask? Because I’m watching four kids literally hurl furniture, trash rooms, kick and hit their parents, throw tantrums, repeatedly slam doors, talk back, verbally manipulate their parents – to name a few things – and the worst punishment the parents can muster is a few minutes in “the reflection room” (which the children proceed to trash after they’ve slammed the door a few times). Supernanny to the rescue, right! I wish. She sounds like she’s giving dog obedience training the the parents, coaching them on technique when what’s plain-as-day is that these kids need, dare I say, some serious spanking.

Of course, in our current state of massive unbelief in God’s prescriptions for disciplining children, such a recommendation would never come from Supernanny, nor evidently, from many of us Christian parents who have lost our nerve and drunk the “new wine” of trying to reason with an uber obstinate child. Frankly, were the Supernanny to prescribe a spanking, she might be brought up on child abuse charges. When we’ve got nut-jobs in the California government like Sally Lieber who introduce anti-spanking legislation, no wonder our kids are hellions. It’s painful to watch because the parents are fighting a losing battle and are obviously distraught, and the kids, save miraculous intervention, are heading for a miserable future. That “correcting with the rod” business is so Old Testament, you know. I think what needs a “timeout” is our insane unbelief in God’s wisdom on these matters.



Written by Michael Duenes

October 31, 2009 at 4:17 am

Posted in Duenes, Reflections

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