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Why I am craving Bob Uecker

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If anyone has watched, no, listened to the World Series on FOX, there has to be one universal question: Is this the best announcing team FOX could scrounge up? Now, I admit Joe Buck is good. But Tim McCarver? I would much rather hear a drunk Bob Uecker chewing on Quaaludes than Tim McCarver droning on about how change ups are much slower than fastballs. Strike one. So where did FOX dig up Mark Grace? Was he just hanging around the dugout during game one and some production assistant in the booth had the idea to put him on camera? “Well, you played baseball Mark, so go interview Cliff Lee and be interesting.” Strike two. And Ozzie Guillen is about as sharp as Eric Karros’s fluffy coiffe. I think more intelligible things would be said if Magic Johnson interviewed a horse. Strike Three.

Is Vin Scully in Tahiti? Can’t they work Costas a three week FOX-NBC contract share? Is Joe Garagiola dead? The World Series was always heightened by the atmosphere-including the announcing. My TV has never been muted so much (I think I heard my TV thank me for it too).



Written by Michael Duenes

November 3, 2009 at 4:53 am

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  1. The most egregious problem with Tim McCarver is that he never says anything that would make me think he knows more about the game than I do. They can’t be paying him to keep telling me what a great human being so-and-so is and how much he means to his team. What I want to hear is McCarver say, in no uncertain terms, that Philadelphia’s center fielder made a bush-league, bone-headed play in the top of the 9th of last night’s game (Game 5) by non-chalanting a shallow fly ball in center field, which allowed A-Rod to tag and score, which allowed Mark Texeira to come up as the tying run. But no, McCarver lost his tongue. He’s garbage! Ken Rosenthal is FOX’s version of Peter Gammons, a man who should have stuck with print journalism if ever there was one. And Mark Grace belongs in a frat house interviewing “the boys.” Give me back Scully-Garagiola and Costas-Kubek. Baseball has enough problems without McCarver and Crew.



    November 3, 2009 at 11:23 pm

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