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i must be at least an amateur historian of extra-biblical history

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For those regular readers of this page, it will be apparent to you that I’ve been downing my share of Douglas Wilson these days. I tend to take my authors by the yard rather than by the inch. It helps that he writes so well and seems to have a way of saying many things that I have previously thought, yet more articulately than I can think or say them. I found this to be the case yet again when I came across his thoughts a minister’s obligation to be a historian not only of biblical history, but also of  extra-biblical history. Not only have I come to feel this obligation for myself as a minister, but I have begun to find my way into the practice of it (Thanks, Charles!). It was nice to see that Wilson agrees. He writes,

This ministerial responsibility is not limited to sacred history. I would want to argue further that ministers have a responsibility to be amateur historians of the post-apostolic era because they need to know what Wesleyans are, why we Protestants don’t believe that Rome is the one true church, why people “go forward” at revival meetings, why America thinks that it is all right to conduct murder by the million as long as the victims are unborn, and why some Christians think it is a sin to drink beer. All of this involves the study of uninspired history, and all of it is directly related to a minister’s job description. So, while I am always happy to learn how to perform this task better than I do, I do not see that it is possible for me to abandon it without abandoning my ministeral post. (Black and Tan, p.2)



Written by Michael Duenes

November 16, 2009 at 6:15 am

Posted in Duenes, History

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