Russell and Duenes

Given atheism, therefore…

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If we grant that atheism is true and there is no God, what follows? Lets see.

a. There is no brain-independent mind, because there would only be matter. Thus, non-physical entities like minds cannot exist. There are only differing brain-states. This means…

b. There is no human will because everything is determined by biology and chemistry, thus…

c. There is no objective morality because chemicals don’t have moral obligations or “oughts” toward other chemicals, thus…

d. There is no such thing as justice or moral accountability because there is no one to call me to account. In fact, things such as murder are rendered unintelligible because all that’s happening is part of the evolutionary train, in fact…

e. There’s no such thing as thoughts or rationality, and all that’s happening right now as I type this is simply chemicals and atoms moving around, in fact, I’m not even typing words because words do not exist since they would be a kind of non-material reality, nor do ideas or thoughts exist either, since they would have to be non-material as well.

f. Further, there is no basis for human rights, in fact, the whole notion is non-existent. There’s no such thing as racism and humans have no “unalienable” rights since we are just bags of chemicals. Death is not a tragedy, but merely what happens to biological entities when certain chemical states obtain.

g. Oh, and we can also say that the “you” of ten years ago is not the same “you” as today, on atheistic accounting. Since all you are is cells and chemicals, and since all your cells die and are replaced about every seven years, then “you” today are a completely different physical entity than you were ten years ago, and since there’s no God, and there can be no moral accountability, “you” are not responsible for what that other “you” did ten years ago. Isn’t that nice?



Written by Michael Duenes

January 19, 2010 at 6:52 am

Posted in Duenes, Philosophy, Theology

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