Russell and Duenes

But Him I Know

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But Him I Know

I know not HOW life’s tangled skein
Shall e’er unraveled be,
Nor how the days of wasting pair
Are God’s best days for me –
But Him I know who holds the key
To every problem here,
Before whose face life’s shadows flee,
To Whom my path is clear.

I know not WHAT each changing day
May bring into my life,
What blight may come from earth’s decay,
What woundings in the strife –
But Him I know, the sparrow’s friend,
Who portions life to all;
My sure Companion to the end.
Who answers when I call.

I know not WHEN the fev’rish day
Shall cool of evening feel;
Nor when the sorrows of our way
His pierced hand shall heal –
But Him I know, Yoke-fellow true,
Who never fails His own;
Who walks with us the valley through,
Till we are safe at Home.

I know not HOW, nor WHAT, nor WHEN –
But HIM I know full well,
And knowing HIM, the sinner’s Friend,
In peace, secure I dwell.
Companion, Keeper, Savior, Lord;
Mine own unfailing One;
With Him, content, I’ll press the road
Till sets the west’ring sun.

– Samuel McPheeters Glasgow, D. D., Charlotte, N.C.

Written by Michael Duenes

April 12, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Posted in Duenes, Poetry

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