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Screw Your Right to Have Cheap Bacon

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Living in the Bay Area, one tends to have a lot of conversations about the moral implications of food. “Is it right to drink non-fair trade coffee? Should one buy food at Walmart or mostly from the local Farmer’s Market? Should we continue to buy meat that comes from industrial farms? What about pesticides and all that?” And it goes on and on. We’re very, very concerned about proper farm and food morals.

But in an email to me, a good friend made a salient point about all this “food gestapo” stuff, saying…

I even see the blatant hypocrisy in many who are so outraged that the meat that many Americans eat is killed in such a cruel manner – “You mean my bacon has been crushed to death?  We should make a documentary about this and stop this evil!” If I were to respond to them, “Well, it’s affecting my right to have cheap meat so that I can feed my family,” they would reply with, “Screw your right to cheap meat – it’s a moral outrage that these animals are being killed in such a manner just so that you can have cheap bacon.” But in the same breath, many people will also quickly defend a woman’s right to not have her life inconvenienced or her career affected by the unfortunate event of a human life existing within her.  So ultimately, many people are saying that pigs are more important than babies.

Well said indeed!


Written by Michael Duenes

May 20, 2010 at 11:37 pm

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