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Learning About Prayer from Muslims

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I’ve been reading a book on Islamic Hadiths (Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions), and while reading some of the Hadiths on prayer, I was reminded of something I’ve often thought before, namely, that Muslims at prayer look like they have a lot more reverence for God than we Christians do. On his observance of Muslims at prayer, the author, Phil Pashall, writes,

I have always been impressed with the reverential beauty and sublimity illustrated by a great mass of people bowing their faces to the ground in prayerful adoration of their Creator. The form is specifically biblical and so much richer than the typical Christian’s casual posture of sitting in a cushioned pew with legs crossed while listening to the prayers of a minister. We as biblical Christians would do well to regain that which we have lost down through the centuries. A humble posture of kneeling or prostration may assist in rediscovering an attitude of awe and reverence in the presence of the exalted Lord and sovereign of the universe…One can only imagine how communion with our Lord would be enhanced by pausing ten minutes five times a day to bow in meaningful worship and prayer to our Creator-Sustainer. Stripped of its legalisms and theological aberrations, perhaps the ideal of Muslim prayer has a challenge for the devout Christian (pgs. 68, 73)

Indeed it does have a challenge.



Written by Michael Duenes

July 2, 2010 at 10:37 pm

Posted in Duenes, Islam

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