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Real Problems

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Though I’m forty-one years old, I don’t often feel like it. I don’t feel like I’m 18 years out of college. But this weekend, I did feel like it. Why? you ask. It had nothing to do with how I felt physically or emotionally, but rather, had to do with the kinds of problems I and my peers are now dealing with. I remarked about this to my wife. Our friends are now dealing with things like miscarriages, lost jobs while upside down in the house, paying for weddings, broken marriages, dealing with unbearably long commutes and the like. We’re into the “guts” of life in a new way. It felt strange, and set my mind on the brevity of life. When I think about the things I’m trying to accomplish and the struggles and problems that come up – problems that are much different than whether I passed a final exam – I can’t help but also think about how fast it’s all going. As the Psalmist prays, “Make me to know my end, O Lord, and what is the extent of my days. Let me know how fleeting I am.” Indeed!



Written by Michael Duenes

July 20, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Posted in Duenes, Reflections

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