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Should Christians Contend for Prop 8?

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In all the flap over the Prop 8 ruling, the question arises as to whether Christians should contend and fight for such things as Prop 8. I suppose a parallel question would come up regarding Islamic “Sharia” law. Should Christians concern themselves with opposing it? Are there verses that would command us to stand up to these things, as well as other matters,¬†culturally and politically? These are good questions, and I’m still trying to gain wisdom on how to engage them as one of Christ’s disciples.

I’ll throw out this initial thought. One of the central creeds of a Christian is, “Jesus is Lord.” This means he is Lord of absolutely everything, every realm, every idea, every molecule and atom, every legal system, every political system, and so forth. Christians believe this and live upon it, and therefore, we do not stand neutrally by – as if that were possible – while Christ is dishonored in any arena. That said, the further question arises as to just how Christians ought to contend for these matters. Does the Bible instruct us to be engaged primarily or solely in the political, legal, cultural, etc arenas? Where does the Church come into it? Preaching from Christian pulpits? Pastoral ministry? Christian education and Christian homes?

I know that we cannot be neutral, for there is nothing neutral in the universe. We must be concerned with the Godwardness or godlessness of all things, at least at some level. We cannot divorce our beliefs and actions about political and cultural matters from our trust in Jesus as Lord. But, we “do not wage war as the world does,” and “our battle is not against flesh and blood.” When the gospel takes hold in a community or culture, what happens? These are good matters to ponder.


Written by Michael Duenes

August 6, 2010 at 11:12 pm

Posted in Duenes, Ethics, Theology

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