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“But We Can’t Afford Private Christian Schools, and We Are Not Equipped to Homeschool.”

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Reading through Douglas Wilson’s The Case for Classical Christianity, I find myself saying a resounding “YES!” at each new paragraph. It’s that good, and one of Wilson’s main virtues is that he quotes liberally from wise men and women of the past. I couldn’t let this thought from Louis Berkhof pass unquoted:

How can an education that proceeds in part on the assumption that the child is the image-bearer of God and in part on the supposition that it bears the image of the animal, an education that is partly religious and partly irreligious, i.e., anti-religious, ever result in a life that is truly unified? It can only lead to one thing, and that is a divided life so strongly condemned by our Savior (Matt. 6:22, 23), a life with scattered energies and dissipated powers, swayed and torn by conflicting opinions, lacking in singleness of purpose, in stability and strength, and in that true joy that fills the soul which is consciously moving in the right direction. (Wilson, p.50)

Often a Christian response to such words is something along the lines of, “Well, we can’t afford private education, and we’re not well-able to homeschool; so what other options do we have but the public school.” I hear this objection and greatly sympathize with it. In fact, I think it is legitimate given our current cultural situation. But the point is that our cultural situation needs to be repented of. And how does such turning away from godless education begin to happen, such that Christians are able to direct their financial resources towards a truly biblical education? What is step number one? Surely it means that we who are in Christian education need to be making the case for it to the church over and over and over. And then those Christians who do have the resources to leave the public schools should, in fact, do so. Once the government schools are abandoned in much larger numbers, then truly biblical alternatives will become possible for many more families.



Written by Michael Duenes

August 19, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Posted in Duenes, Education

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