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You Might Also Turn Out Fine If Your Parents Are Drug Addicts

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One of the arguments that is sometimes advanced by Christians in favor of public schools goes thus: “Well, I went to public schools and I turned out fine.” Now I grant that there are arguments in favor of Christians having their children in public schools – most especially the financial argument – but this is not one of them. No doubt there are many people who went to public schools who have a faith much stronger and more mature than many kids who grew up with a distinctively Christian education. We would expect as much, given the statistical probabilities. We would also expect there to be some fine Christian folks who had parents as drug addicts. But this is not an argument in favor of having drug addicted parents anymore than “turning out fine” is an argument for public school education. The question is not: Can someone receive a public school education and still be a strong Christian someday? The question is: Does God tell us that education is an inherently spiritual activity and that we are to have Jesus at the center of our educational activity? If the answer to the latter question is “yes,” then public schools are out, because Jesus is out of the curriculum in public schools.

When Christians begin to see that an education that officially excludes Jesus is not only a truncated education, but an unbiblical one, then we will be able to deal with the difficulties associated with abandoning the public schools. Repentance must come first; meaning, the church as a whole must begin to believe that a Christian education is vitally important for all her people and a crucial part of our faithfulness to Christ. Once we do, we will then put our money and resources toward establishing schools that provide such an education.


Written by Michael Duenes

November 14, 2010 at 6:41 pm

Posted in Duenes, Education

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