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Grand Jury Testimony from the Kermit Gosnell Case

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As I said, expect the media to continue to spike the story of Kermit Gosnell, the “doctor” charged with mass murder. I’ve been reading the grand jury testimony in his case and have found it deeply disturbing on multiple levels. With that in mind, I’ll pass along to you various tidbits from the testimony, over various posts. I begin with this:

“The Women’s Medical Society” – That was the impressive-sounding name of the clinic operated in West Philadelphia, at 38th and Lancaster, by Kermit B. Gosnell, M.D. Gosnell seemed impressive as well. A child of the neighborhood, Gosnell spent almost four decades
running this clinic, giving back – so it appeared – to the community in which he continued to live and work. But the truth was something very different, and evident to anyone who stepped inside. The clinic reeked of animal urine, courtesy of the cats that were allowed to roam (and defecate) freely. Furniture and blankets were stained with blood. Instruments were not properly sterilized. Disposable medical supplies were not disposed of; they were reused, over and over again. Medical equipment – such as the defibrillator, the EKG, the pulse oximeter, the blood pressure cuff – was generally broken; even when it worked, it wasn’t used. The emergency exit was padlocked shut. And scattered throughout, in cabinets, in the basement, in a freezer, in jars and bags and plastic jugs, were fetal remains. It was a baby charnel house.

The people who ran this sham medical practice included no doctors other than
Gosnell himself, and not even a single nurse. Two of his employees had been to medical
school, but neither of them were licensed physicians. They just pretended to be.
Everyone called them “Doctor,” even though they, and Gosnell, knew they weren’t.
Among the rest of the staff, there was no one with any medical licensing or relevant
certification at all. But that didn’t stop them from making diagnoses, performing
procedures, administering drugs.

Because the real business of the “Women’s Medical Society” was not health; it
was profit. There were two primary parts to the operation. By day it was a prescription
mill; by night an abortion mill. A constant stream of “patients” came through during
business hours and, for the proper payment, left with scripts for Oxycontin and other
controlled substances, for themselves and their friends. Gosnell didn’t see these
“patients”; he didn’t even show up at the office during the day. He just left behind blank,
pre-signed prescription pads, and had his unskilled, unauthorized workers take care of the
rest. The fake prescriptions brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. But this drug-selling operation is the subject of separate investigation by federal authorities.

More to come.


HT: Michelle Malkin, where you can find the download of the grand jury testimony in its entirety.

Written by Michael Duenes

February 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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