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On Not Keeping My Head Down in Law School

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Another great thought on the lordship of Christ by Douglas Wilson that I shall take soberly with me into law school:

Note first that Jesus said that He was going to be rejected by all the most important graduates of all the most important seminaries. He was going to be rejected by the elders, and the chief priests, and the scholars. Anybody who follows Him needs to be prepared for the same treatment — needs to take up his cross. He who tries to juggle saving his life with Jesus will lose his life. Now what does denying oneself entail? Could this possibly include academic reputation? Denominational standing? The right connections at the right publishing houses? To ask the question is to answer it. And Jesus equates this kind of fearful heart with being ashamed of Him. To say that the words of Jesus apply to absolutely everything — for He is, remember, Lord of all — is a recipe for trouble. I am not addressing these words to those die hards in that redemptive/historical world who really believe what they have been taught. I am actually talking to those who are situated in such contexts, but who know that what I am saying is true. They know further that the only reason they are keeping quiet is that they would be ashamed to be identified with a position that has had so much opprobrium heaped on it. And believe me, the lordship of Jesus over everything will always have opprobrium heaped on it. Who wants to be a nutter? Keep it respectable, champ. Keep your head down. Read those books, certainly. Enjoy them in your study, friend. No harm in that,  but don’t go to extremes. Keep your head down.

Read the whole piece here.


Written by Michael Duenes

June 15, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Posted in Duenes, Theology

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  1. Take it to heart, D. In retrospect, I am awfully proud of how openly Christian I was in medical school. I think God will be using you powerfully.


    June 18, 2011 at 5:06 pm

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