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3,650 9/11’s

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Douglas Wilson’s analysis of 9/11 is the best I’ve read. His main point culminates in these terrifying words:

As Christians, we must function with a different calculus. In the ten years since this terrible event, have we become a godlier people? Have we heard the message of Scripture, which tells us that we are to interpret all things as a summons to return to our God? This is true of blessings and hard providences both. Have we done so? To ask these questions is to answer them. This means that we are commemorating 9/11 as a people, but we are still not understanding it.

Three thousand Americans died in the 9/11 attacks. Approximately three thousand Americans die every day in our abortion mills. It has been ten years now, and that means we have gone through 3,650 9/11s since that horrific September attack. We have had the equivalent of more 9/11 attacks than there were original individual victims in that first attack.

Also since that attack we replaced an ineffectual pro-life president with the most pro-abort president we have ever had. Does this look like a spirit of repentance to you? Does this look like the stirrings of reformation?



Written by Michael Duenes

September 10, 2011 at 5:43 pm

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