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Vanderbilt University and Spiritual “Neutrality”

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There is no such thing as spiritual neutrality, and Vanderbilt University knows it. They also know that secularism gets a pass when it claims to be spiritually neutral. Thus, they know against whom they can discriminate under the guise of neutrality. We’ve seen this before. The Hastings Law School in San Francisco persuaded the Supreme Court to hold that groups like the Christian Legal Society could not require their leaders to be Christians, but must “accept all comers,” because, they erroneously reasoned, this is the only way for universities to be “viewpoint neutral.”  Here’s a great little expose that some students at Vandy put together.

In addition, David French has written a short piece: “Vanderbilt University Insults Our Intelligence.” He concludes,

The reality, of course, is that Vanderbilt is trying to force the orthodox Christian viewpoint off campus. The “nondiscrimination” rhetoric is mere subterfuge. How can we know this? Because even as it works mightily to make sure that atheists can run Christian organizations, it is working just as mightily to protect the place and prerogatives of Vanderbilt’s powerful fraternities and sororities — organizations that explicitly discriminate, have never been open to “all comers,” and cause more real heartache each semester for rejected students than any religious organization has ever inflicted in its entire history on campus. Vanderbilt’s embattled religious organizations welcome all students with open arms; Vanderbilt’s fraternities and sororities routinely reject their fellow students based on little more than appearance, family heritage, or personality quirks.

It will be a happy day when we stop believing that secularism is “viewpoint neutral” and wake up to the implications that nothing in this universe is spiritually or morally neutral.


HT: Justin Taylor


Written by Michael Duenes

May 1, 2012 at 1:57 pm

Posted in Duenes, Education, Theology

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