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He Supports Our Lot

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Sometimes a very simple truth in Scripture becomes all-encompassing, and we begin to see the vast implications of everything that God has spoken. One such Scripture is Psalm 16:5. I remember first being struck by this verse back in the 90’s, as I was reading Jim Elliot’s journals. It says, “The LORD is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; Thou dost support my lot.” Of course I could look back over my whole life and see just how God has supported my lot the whole time, but I have been reminding myself of this truth with great regularity over the last few weeks.

Truly, God does support my lot. At the most basic level, God supports my body systems each second of each day: every heartbeat, every neuron fired in my brain, my kidneys cleansing my blood, every cell doing the millions of functions it must do each day to keep me alive. These functions do not keep going by some kind of evolutionary inertia. God supports my lot constantly.

At another level, God supports my mind and emotions. He rules and guides them. Every moment of lucidity and sanity I enjoy is a gift from his supportive power. Every insight, every bit of wisdom I’ve ever had has come from the fact that God is supporting my lot. God not only holds me together, he holds my marriage, my family, my friendships, indeed, all my relationships together. They don’t exist unless he supports and sustains them. Whatever favor I have with colleagues, professors, and neighbors, God is supporting.

But, you may ask, what about when he doesn’t seem to be supporting my lot? What about the lot of the person who falls into the darkest depression? What about the lot of the person who cannot think straight, indeed, who cannot think in a right mind? Is God supporting their lot? What about the person whose life just seems to be one unmitigated disaster after another?

I don’t want to speak tritely about these things. They are profound. When I say that “God supports my lot,” I’m not saying that, should my lot seemed to turn into a hell on earth, then God has stopped supporting it. God has purposes I don’t understand. God certainly may support my lot by having me fall completely on my face in any or every arena of life. I’m simply saying that whatever my lot in life, whatever its highs and lows, God is the one who is supporting it. Further, as long as I even have life and breath, God is supporting it. To have life is a gift at all times. And when I come to die, God will be supporting me through that as well. As the Psalmist also says, “My times are in your hands, O God.”

So I say to God each day, “You support my lot.” I think we can bank on this: God loves us with a holy and righteous love. Those who turn to him in faith are his children, and they bear his name. Thus, God has a tremendous stake in doing them good, and showing forth his faithfulness in their lives. So whatever lot God chooses to give me in life, even if one filled with unspeakable suffering, it is a lot graciously bestowed upon me and lovingly sustained in me. We do well to remember that God the Father was the constant source of support for His beloved Son’s lot in life, and it was a painful lot, yet a redemptive one. I have to think that such a redemptive lot is one he has for me, too, as for all his children.



Written by Michael Duenes

May 24, 2012 at 7:19 pm

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