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“If You’re Selling Scorn for Conservative Christians, the Market is Hot”

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That’s the title of a thoughtful piece by Timothy Dalrymple over at Patheos. He discusses the fact that “progressive” Christians are quite ready to castigate their conservative Christian brethren, often without bothering to find out the rationale conservative Christians have for the positions they hold. He finds this to be particularly true on the issue of homosexual “marriage.” Here is the essence of Dalrymple’s article:

Sometimes it’s important to speak clearly and openly.  So here’s what I want to say: To be fair, this happens on both sides.  But recently I’ve seen a lot of young, progressive evangelicals denouncing and caricaturing their conservative brethren for their “culture war” concerns.  But by accepting the caricatures coming mostly from secular critics, legitimating and perpetuating them, they themselves — acting out of concern for the damage done to the church and its witness — are doing great harm to the church and its witness.  If we truly care for the public witness of the church, then we (liberal and conservative) need to stop slandering and caricaturing the other half of the church.  Don’t throw your Christian brothers and sisters under the bus.  Even if you disagree with them, you can provide a coherent, charitable explanation for what “those other evangelicals” believe. (italics his)

The article is so full of gentle wisdom, calling all Christians, of whatever stripe, to charitably listen to others’ arguments while seeking to accurately represent them and fairly critique them, if necessary. Certainly Jesus’ command for us to “love one another” requires such action from us.



Written by Michael Duenes

June 13, 2012 at 9:43 pm

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