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Where is the Buffoonish, Immature, and Idiotic Mother?

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I’ve been in front of the tube a lot more since the Olympics has started, which also means that I’ve been subjected to a lot more inane commercials. But I feel I have to comment on one particular line of commercials that go beyond inane. Frankly, the more I see them, the more revolting I find them, and the more I take them to be a profound symptom of a deep disease ravaging our culture. Rather than explain it, I’ve posted the commercials below. Watch them, and then imagine that it’s mom acting the fool. It just wouldn’t happen. We decry male misanthropy and malevolence; we lament the “deadbeat dad,” and we rightly recoil in horror at men’s sexual sins, but apparently we think we can consistently portray fathers, and men generally, as morons, fools, and buffoons, with no repercussions. After all, what possible significance could men have beyond being walking sperm donors? “Make the tree bad and the fruit will be bad.”


Written by Michael Duenes

August 8, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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