Russell and Duenes

Which Freedoms Will Be Indulged In and Which Will Not? Why?

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I can’t improve upon Douglas Wilson’s asking of this most important question, so I’ll just reproduce it here for you to attempt an answer:

“If the highest political virtue in our society is freedom, what are the limits, if any, to those freedoms, and why? I have a list here of certain ‘freedoms’ actively being sought out on Craig’s List, which I can now read in alphabetical order. Please tell which of these freedoms will be indulged in your ideal society and which will not be. For those that will not be indulged, please tell us which virtue, apparently higher than freedom, is being used to make that determination.”

Read his whole piece here.



Written by Michael Duenes

August 17, 2012 at 6:13 pm

Posted in Duenes, Ethics

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