Russell and Duenes

What Do Those Who Suffer No Lack Do? – Reflections on Psalm 34

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If we want to suffer no lack in our souls, and find God’s presence and gracious activity in our experience, what ought we to be about? If we want God to answer us, deliver us from our foes, and make our faces radiant, how ought we to live? If we want to never be ashamed, be saved out of all our troubles, have the angel of the Lord encamped around us, taste and see God’s goodness, be blessed and happy, lack no good thing, enjoy many days and see good, have God’s eyes toward us, have God’s ears toward our cry, have God near us, have God keep all our bones, have God redeem our lives, and never be condemned…what practices ought to characterize our lives?

1. Have God’s praise continually in our mouths (v.1);

2. Have our souls make their boast in the Lord (v.2);

3. Exalt and magnify God’s name together (v.3);

4. Seek the Lord (vs.4,10);

5. Look to the Lord (v.5);

6. Cry to the Lord (v.6,15,17);

7. Take refuge in the Lord (v.8,22);

8. Fear the Lord (v.9,11);

9. Speak what is good, forthright, and truthful (v.13);

10. Seek peace and pursue it (v.14).



Written by Michael Duenes

September 3, 2012 at 7:43 pm

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