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Baseball Playoff Predictions: 2012

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If you watch enough baseball, you quickly find out that, of all major sports, only of the baseball playoffs can it be said that anything can happen. For there is almost always a Brian Doyle (Don’t remember him? He only batted .438 against the Dodgers in the ’77 Series, going 7 for 16, scoring 4 runs, with a .438 OPB, and, oh yeah, he hit .192 in 52 at bats during the entire regular season) waiting to beat your team down and then head back to obscurity. So these predictions are likely to give too much weight to the wrong players, but here goes.

St. Louis – Atlanta. In a one game playoff, I like St. Louis. The Cardinals have been quite inconsistent over the course of the entire season, but have played better of late. They have a more potent offense than Atlanta. I’d say that Atlanta has a pitching edge, though it’s hard to argue against Lohse at 16-3. If he gets run support, Atlanta will have trouble. Also, Turner Field is not known for being an intimidating place for visitors, but it does allow Atlanta to stay away from a park with rabid fans in St. Louis. St. Louis also has experience and knows how to win tough ball games. I go with St. Louis.

Baltimore – Texas. Talk about two teams headed in different directions. Texas finished the season by choking away a large divisional lead, and though Baltimore could not keep pace with the Yankees, they seem to have a lot of confidence coming in. Yes, Texas is at home, but I gotta give this one to the upstarts. Baltimore wins.

New York – Baltimore. I hate the Yankees with a passion, but they’ll get over on Baltimore, just as they did in the regular season. Too much offense, and their veterans like Jeter, Rodriguez, Granderson, Chavez, Cano, and Texeira will come through. They’re vulnerable at pitching, but better than Baltimore. I’d love to see Baltimore turn into an upstart winner, but don’t count on it. Yankees in 4.

Oakland – Detroit. No one’s hotter than Oakland right now, and I gotta believe they like their chances, but Detroit has also been playing well of late, and starting to look as good on the field as they look on paper. I think Detroit has too much offense, and with Verlander anchoring their rotation, I have to go with Detroit. Detroit in 5.

Detroit – New York. Tough call, but if Detroit can keep it going, I like their chances. They should be able to handle New York’s pitching, and I think after beating Oakland, they’ll have a lot of confidence. Detroit in 6.

Cincinnati – Frisco. Yes, that’s Frisco for all you Bay Area folks who take yourselves just a bit too seriously. I hate the Giants even more than the Yankees, so here’s hoping that Cincinnati’s bats stay hot. The pitching edge is tough to call, and if SF’s big three (Cain, Lincecum, and Bumgarner) are on, Cincy will be up against it, though Cincy has a better pen. I’m going with Cincy in 5.

Washington – St. Louis. This will be the series to watch. Both teams can slug, and both have good starting pitching, though I give the edge to Washington. I think Washington is going to be fired up, as their young players are hungry. Washington in 4.

Washington – Cincinnati. Dusty Baker will out-manage Davey Johnson, and the Red’s experience and better bullpen will shine. Reds in 6 to win the pennant.

Cincinnati – Detroit. If Detroit has actually gotten this far, I give them the edge. I think they clearly have more offensive firepower. The Reds will have gotten here on good pitching, and I think that will make it an interesting series. Detroit in 7.



Written by Michael Duenes

October 4, 2012 at 6:26 pm

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  1. World Series: Cincinnati in a 4 game sweep over Detroit.

    russell and duenes

    October 8, 2012 at 9:00 am

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