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Favorite Hymn Stanzas

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When one contemplates the sheer majesty and holiness of God, few stanzas are better than this one. “At His feet the six-winged seraph, cherubim with sleepless eye, veil their faces to the presence, as with ceaseless voice they cry,”Alleluia, Alleluia, Lord Most High!”

For sheer simplicity, and yet depth, in praising our Triune God, I love this one. “Praise and honor to the Father, praise and honor to the Son, praise and honor to the Spirit, ever Three and ever One, con-substantial, co-eternal, while unending ages run. Amen.”

This one is great simply for putting God’s eternal kingdom and purposes in contrast to the fleeting, arrogant presumptions of men. My mind ranges across the Greek and Roman Empires, the great empires of the East, the Holy Roman Empire, the nation-states of Europe that have come and gone, and finally our own fleeting country. “So be it, Lord, Thy throne shall never, like earth’s proud empires pass away, Thy kingdom stands and grows forever, till all Thy creatures own Thy sway.”

Reminding us of the great, free mercies of God, and at what price they were purchased for us by Christ. “He left His Father’s throne above, so free so infinite His grace, emptied Himself of all but love, and bled for Adam’s helpless race. ‘Tis mercy all, immense and free, for O my God, it found out me. ‘Tis mercy all, immense and free, for O my God it found out me.”

Reminds us that Jesus is alive from the dead, and we are alive in Him. Death is vanquished. “Thine be the glory, risen, conquering Son, endless is the victory, Thou o’er death hast won.”

Written by a man who knew the depths of depression, I take comfort from this stanza no matter how bad my circumstances are. God is working it all for good, unseen. “Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, but trust Him for His grace, behind a frowning providence, He hides a smiling face.”

A reminder that in this life, we are often cold and indifferent to Jesus’ presence, even when we would have more of Him. “My best desires are faint and few, I fain would strive for more, but when I cry, “My strength renew,” seem weaker than before.”

Reminds us that there is nothing we can give to God to repay Him. His love comes free and undeserved, and yet when it truly touches us, it is clear that it demands our full allegiance. “Were the whole realm of nature my mine, that were a present far too small. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”

A reminder that the world has no lasting power nor allure which can take us away from Christ. He is a treasure far superior to all others. “That word above all earthly power, no thanks to them abideth. The Spirit and the gifts are ours, through Him who with us sideth. Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, God’s truth abideth still, His kingdom is forever.”

Many more could be added, but I was thinking of these at this time of year, and thought I’d pass them along to you.




Written by Michael Duenes

December 4, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Posted in Duenes, Russell

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