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princetonWhen I taught high school seniors, I used to remark to them that most of their parents would do cartwheels upon finding out that their sons and daughters were accepted to Princeton, Yale, Harvard and the like; and perhaps even more happily, would these parents send their children to such schools upon admittance. After all, it’s Princeton, no?

Princeton. The place where your children can sit under the teachings of Peter Singer and be told that, if they want to copulate with a donkey, it’s no affront to their human dignity, assuming that humans even have dignity, a dubious assertion amongst Singer types. Singer will also lecture your daughters about the fact that their newborn infants aren’t really worthy of life until they’re at least five to six months old, and that until a child’s intelligence level reaches that of the family dog, then there’s no reason to get oneself all morally heated up about putting down children whose “lives are not worth living.” As Douglas Wilson says, we’re just “souped up lemurs,” aren’t we? Oh, and it’ll cost you parents a tidy penny, that Princeton tuition. But it’s all worth it, because, well, it’s Princeton.

Or maybe they can go to Yale. You know, Yale, where Jonathan Edwards got his theological degree back in the 1700s. At that august institution, your child can now – to the tune of six-figure student debt – enjoy the administration approved “Sex Week.” According to Nathan Harden, a recent graduate of Yale, “Sex Week” is “a festival of sleaze, porn, and debauchery, dressed up as sex education.” According to Harden, the “tawdry tradition” includes “the screening in classrooms of hard-core pornography and the giving of permission to sex toy manufacturers and porn production companies to market their products to students. In one classroom, a porn star stripped down to bare breasts, attached pinching and binding devices to herself as a lesson in sadomasochism, and led a student around the room in handcuffs. On other occasions, female students competed in a porn star look-alike contest judged by a male porn producer, and a porn film showing a woman bound and beaten was screened in the context of “instruction” on how students might engage in relationships of their own.” Isn’t Yale the place where everyone is enlightened about the subjugation of women and the unequal power structures across gender lines? What’s with the handcuffs then?

We cannot keep spending daddy’s money while expecting the checks to clear. The Christian capital is run out at Yale and Princeton. For too many decades now, we’ve acceded the educational realm to the cultural relativists and the secular agnostics. We’ve said that moral knowledge isn’t really knowledge, but mere opinion and bigotry. We’ve reduced freedom down to that lowest common denominator of the achieved sexual euphoria. And we then stand aghast at what we’re seeing. As C.S. Lewis said, “we castrate and build the geldings be fruitful.” The need of the hour is for Christian churches and all God’s people to say, “Enough!” That line item in the church budget for a Christian school, well, it needs to actually become a line item. Much more could be said about this, and I’m all for our best and brightest being “salt and light.” But I’m not sure it’s achieved by putting down a sum equal to an upper-class home mortgage to bankroll our children’s non-education. It’s reinvigorated Christian educational institutions that are needed, and it has to start with the churches.



Written by Michael Duenes

January 29, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Posted in Duenes, Education

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