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“The Arbitrary Nature of What We Allow and What We Don’t”

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gosnellcensoredTwo years ago, when the grand jury testimony came out, I and others were talking about the horrors of the Kermit Gosnell “abortion clinic.” Now that his trial is becoming a story with legs, media outlets that should be running coverage of the trial on their front pages day after day are getting around to writing something about it and actually sending reporters to cover the thing. But one paragraph from Douglas Wilson’s piece today – Our Gosnell Gulag – pretty much sums up where we are:

First, let us talk about the arbitary nature of what we allow and what we don’t. Partial birth abortions (which Obama does not want restricted) do exactly what Gosnell was doing, only with the baby half in and half out. This makes a major ethical difference, apparently. Regular abortions do these things with the baby all the way in. Gosnell does these things to the baby with the baby all the way out. And he’s the freak show? If he put the baby back inside the mother, in a reverse Caesarian, and cut the spinal cord then, is he a responsible medical professional again? If it happens here, in the middle of the room, it is a protected constitutional right. If he carries the baby over to the corner where the light is better, then he can be charged with murder. And he’s the freak show? What about the lawyers and lobbyists that insist on this? What can be said on behalf of a nation that is even a little bit okay with this?

I tried to make this point in greater detail in a series of posts I wrote on the Supreme Court’s partial birth abortion ruling in Gonzales v. Carhart (see here, here and here).

I commend to you Wilson’s entire piece here.



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  1. Here is a quote by Megan McArdle from “I have to admit that journalists like me saw the Gosnell trial as bad for ‘our side.’ Consciously or unconsciously, we feared what ‘a revolted public’ would concluded about the morality of abortions, especially those performed late in pregnancy.”

    How Evil.


    russell and duenes

    April 21, 2013 at 10:16 am

    • R – Yes, and as I read Wilson’s piece, I was not sure I agreed with him that this might prove to be a “conscience” moment for our nation. It could be, but it seems like it won’t be. The story has been so effectively spiked, and even if it were being reported, we would be told ad neausium that Gosnell was an outlier and not indicative of the abortion clinic business in general, which is also untrue. His crimes may be more abominable than others, but let’s not kid ourselves that the abortion business is some kind of above-board activity.


      russell and duenes

      April 21, 2013 at 10:44 am

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