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It’s Always Been About What You Can or Can’t Say About Sexuality

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robert georgeI have made the point on many occasions, but the gay-marriage issue is not very much about marriage, but as Douglas Wilson says, about what you’ll be able to say about marriage and about homosexual behavior in any form. In this line of thought, Robert P. George has a stunningly frank statement in his recent book, Conscience and Its Enemies. He writes,

There is, in my opinion, no chance–no chance–of persuading champions of sexual liberation (and it should be clear by now that this is the cause they serve) that they should respect, or permit the law to respect, the conscience rights of those with whom they disagree. Look at it from their point of view: Why should we permit “full equality” to be trumped by bigotry? Why should we respect religions and religious institutions that are “incubators of homophobia”? Bigotry, religiously based or not, must be smashed and eradicated. The law should not give it recognition or lend it any standing or dignity. The lesson for those of us who believe that the conjugal conception of marriage is true and good, and who wish to protect the rights of our faithful and of our institutions to honor that belief in carrying out their vocations and missions, is that there is no alternative to winning the battle in the public square over the legal definition of marriage. The “grand bargain” is an illusion we should dismiss from our minds. (144-45)

I think we ought to labor to “win the battle in the public square,” but I would add that we should be prepared to lose the battle, and to lose tangible things that come along with it. In other words, as a Christian, keeping one’s head down will not be enough. If we are willing to be truthful about God, human nature and sexuality, we should prepare ourselves now for the inevitable insults, persecutions and losses that will come. And as Jesus says, in this we should rejoice.


HT: Kevin DeYoung


Written by Michael Duenes

July 12, 2013 at 8:54 am

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