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You Get To Pray at the Beginning

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One of the profound and simple benefits that comes with a proper Christian education is that students get to pray with the teacher at the beginning of class – or really, any time during class. When I taught at a Christian school, I often felt like prayer with students was a formality, a rather perfunctory thing to do at the beginning of class. The students expected it, and there certainly was the danger that it would just be a rote ritual with no spiritual power attending it.

But it needn’t have been, and often, at least in my heart, it wasn’t. I was rather grateful for the chance to offer up the class period to God, to ask that He might teach us and draw us up into Himself through what we were learning. It was right and proper to offer our educational endeavors to the Lord of everything, particularly when the life of the mind is such a crucial piece in one’s development toward spiritual maturity. Like all things, it should be consecrated to the Lord. “Take my intellect and use, every power as Thou shalt choose.”

I have on numerous occasions found myself sitting in one of my law classes, waiting for the professor to begin, and I forget that I’m not at a Christian university. I half expect him or her to pray to open our class time, and find that there’s a void when it doesn’t happen. Something seems askew, as though there is this great privation, a deficit, if you will, under which we begin our inquiry and study. And in truth, there is a deficit. We are lamed when we do not carry it to God in prayer.

I don’t think this little blessing – of offering one’s studies up to Christ in class, teacher and students together – can be overestimated. One only knows the power of it when it has been had, and then lost. And I would commend it to you as one special benefit that comes with providing a Christian education for your children.



Written by Michael Duenes

September 30, 2013 at 7:44 pm

Posted in Duenes, Education

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