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That Every Person Lives By Faith in Something

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Another benefit of an explicitly Christian education is that your son or daughter will learn and internalize the truth that every position that a person takes about reality, about life, and about the universe, is a “faith position.” Some people, particularly those who want to say that they depend entirely on “reason,” seem to think that their position about reality is not a faith position. That is, they take it as gospel that only “religious” people have faith, defined as a blind leap of belief in something that is lacking evidence for its truth. This false view is the view your child will internalize in the officially agnostic government schools. For the government schools teach that there is this great dichotomy between “faith” and “reason,” between “facts” and “values,” and between “evidence” and “opinion.” Religion is a nice little opinion, to be clung to in the face of evidence, while the technocratic worldview is “fact,” pure and simple.

But an explicitly Christian education will put the lie to this false dichotomy. A proper Christian education teaches your children that the person who says she wants to “base everything on reason,” has to give a “reason” for wanting to do so. But there is no such reason. This person simply takes it on “faith” that we should base everything on reason. The person who thinks that his view of the world is based on “facts” because he has no religious faith has not thought about all of the different “facts” necessary to construct his worldview. For many things he will take to be “facts” – to take but one example – that the universe either popped into existence out of nothing or has always existed – cannot be demonstrated as facts. They are simply accepted as articles of faith.

A Christian education instills confidence in the young Christian, that his or her faith is robust and true, and that “faith” is not some turn-off-your-brain, fairytale, wish-fulfillment while others get to believe “facts.” No, the Christian education will teach the young Christian student that every position is a faith position, and some objects of faith are more worthy than others, and only one object of faith – our Lord Jesus Christ – is worthy of our total confidence and allegiance, though He is unseen.

Another glorious reason for providing an explicitly Christian education for your children.



Written by Michael Duenes

November 5, 2013 at 9:17 pm

Posted in Duenes, Education

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