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Why Christian Kids Need a Christian Education

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Disagreements about things like the necessity of Christian education are actually disagreements about the nature of knowledge, the meaning of common grace, the authority of natural revelation, and the possibility of neutrality in education. These are the macro issues, and we will never get anywhere in our discussion of the details unless we address them first. These issues are the tectonic plates. – Douglas Wilson, IntroductionWhy Christian Kids Need a Christian Education

Such clarity and forthrightness are what move me to commend Wilson’s 71-small-paged book. Why Christian Kids Need a Christian Education is part of his “Answers in an Hour” series, and you can easily read it in one sitting (in an hour, if you’re fast). What’s refreshing about Wilson’s treatment of this topic is that, as one can see from the above quote, he does not begin by pushing biblical texts that speak to education. His vision is larger than education for education’s sake, that is to say, it’s a gospel vision.

Wilson knows that one’s philosophy and practice with respect to education is merely an outgrowth of one’s theology and practice overall. What we aim for in our educational choices is what we aim for in our Christianity overall. As he says, the differences that Christians have about education “are usually differences that go all the way down . . . The question of Christian education is therefore a litmus test – it reveals differences far greater than we initially thought were there.” (Intro., p.6).

This is not the first time I’ve heard this from Wilson. Indeed, he gives Christian education a more thorough treatment in his great work, The Case for Classical Christian Education. Yet his points here have been highly influential in my own thinking and practice on education, to happy effect. I should be glad if that same effect would be visited upon others far and wide. To that end, may Wilson’s little pamphlet “run and get the victory,” to borrow the Apostle Paul’s words.



Written by Michael Duenes

December 23, 2013 at 7:09 pm

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