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Michael Sams Will Be, Indeed, Must Be, Drafted

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It’s always interesting to see people getting caught in the tangle of their own unbiblical standards. As Douglas Wilson likes to say when it comes to standards: “Not whether, but which.” As human beings, we will have standards, and they will either be God’s standards, and will therefore cause us to flourish, or they will be ungodly standards, which will lead to human stumbling.

Which brings me to the Michael Sams story. We’ve been served up constant cultural bromides to the effect that we need to not only accept homosexual behavior, but to approve and celebrate it. Prior to the upcoming NFL draft, Michael Sams “came out” as gay, and this was inexorably followed by public figures and media types reminding us what a celebratory story Sams has.

But then today I heard a sports radio talkshow host interviewing an NFL insider about Sam’s football abilities, which apparently are not quite as good as we had been led to believe. Indeed, according to the gentleman being interviewed, there are some NFL front offices that believe Sams might not be good enough to be drafted. And this presents quite a conundrum, which the sports talkshow host himself saw, namely: What kind of hit will the NFL take should Sams not be drafted? The host said that because Sams came out as gay, if he’s not drafted, it’s likely the NFL will have a PR problem on its hands. Moreover, he went on to say that if Sam’s draft stock goes down far enough, people will say he was not drafted higher due to NFL front office anti-gay bigotry. Thus, the guy being interviewed said straight out: “Sams is going to be drafted.” The clear implication was, someone simply must draft Sams . . . or else.

So the NFL, along with every other sports league and most other public cultural and governmental institutions, demands that people celebrate homosexual behavior. And in the NFL’s case, the demand for approval may further demand that a team draft a player it might not want to draft, lest the league appear, well, not properly celebratory. That is, Sams’ coming out virtually assured that any explanations of his lack of football ability will not be believed, and will be taken instead as evidence of anti-gay sentiment in the league.

And if anyone thinks this kind of coercion is, or will be, restricted to the NFL, I think they have their eyes closed to reality. The standard is being imposed, and the NFL may not like it, but they are now bound by it. That may not be a big deal, in one sense. It’s only a sports league. But standards that do not come from God, and that are in rebellion against God, as this one is, ultimately catch us in their net, and have ways of subverting the good we hoped to gain by our standards. As Jesus once said: “Wisdom is proved right by all her children.”


Written by Michael Duenes

February 25, 2014 at 2:45 pm

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  1. 222 picks and still not drafted……

    John Farman

    May 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm

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