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Would You Vote for a Presidential Candidate With Racist Views Who Couldn’t Get His Racist Policies Enacted Upon Election?

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Try a thought experiment.

Imagine there’s a candidate for U.S. President, and further suppose that he’s a racist. Let’s say that he believes that people of Latin origin are inherently inferior to every other race. Let’s say he believes this to the point that, if elected, he would attempt to implement policies that would affirmatively discriminate against Latinos and put them in an inferior position to other races when it comes to education and jobs. He runs on this platform, and takes to the airwaves, vowing to enact laws denigrating and debasing Latinos if he gets elected.

Now, let’s also suppose that, even if he gets elected, it does not seem at all likely that he could get any of his anti-Latino legislation passed into law. In other words, he couldn’t really bring Latinos down at all. He would go on advocating for discriminatory laws against Latinos, but it looks to you, the voter, like this presidential candidate can’t get his racist agenda through if elected. And let’s say that you absolutely LOVE every other political and social idea and policy position this candidate holds, thinking these other policies would be good for the nation.

Do you vote for him?

Now ask yourself: Why would it be any different when it comes to abortion? If someone wouldn’t vote for an otherwise “good” candidate who held staunchly and openly racist views, but who likely couldn’t get those policies enacted, why would he or she – if pro-life, vote for a candidate who was vociferously pro-abortion, but who he or she thought couldn’t really increase the number of abortions with his pro-abortion policies?



Written by Michael Duenes

March 21, 2014 at 2:54 pm

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