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A Little Coat Hanger as a Necklace

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Kevin Williamson has reported that a pro-abortion group, the DC Abortion Fund, has taken to giving out coathanger pendants. His story is well-worth reading as it exposes the lie that so-called “back alley” coathanger abortions were prevalent in the days before abortion was legal.

But my thought as I read his piece was this: I wonder if people wearing little coathangers as necklaces might not be a good thing. In other words, having a little coathanger hanging around one’s neck is odd, to say the least, and could really only beg an observer’s question: “Why do you have a coathanger on your necklace?” I assume that anyone who wears such a thing would be more than happy to answer, and this presents a great opportunity to then discuss abortion. It practically calls for it. Now, it may not be much of a “discussion,” but I would at least want to respond to any wearer this way: “Interesting. I’m curious: In your opinion, what is the unborn?” Then see where it goes from there.

Wearing a coathanger around one’s neck gives me and others like me who care about precious, unborn human persons, the chance to direct the abortion issue, perhaps, to the relevant questions. Now I doubt that I’ll run into someone wearing one of these coathangers, but it’s interesting to think about the possibilities if I, or you, just happen to. “Always be ready to give an answer,” as St. Peter might say.


Written by Michael Duenes

March 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm

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