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Francis Schaeffer: True To What Is There!

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schaefferIn He is There, and He is Not Silent, Francis Schaeffer says something absolutely explosive. He writes:

I find many people who are evangelical and orthodox see truth just as true to the dogmas, or to be true to what the Bible says. Nobody stands more for the full inspiration of Scripture than I, but this is not the end of truth as Christianity is presented, as the Bible presents itself. The truth of Christianity is that it is true to what is there. You can go to the end of the world and you never need be afraid, like the ancients, that you will fall off the end and the dragons will eat you up. You can carry out your intellectual discussion to the end of the discussion because Christianity is not only true to the dogmas, it is not only true to what God has said in the Bible, but it is also true to what is there, and you will never fall off the end of the world! . . . We need the full biblical position to have the answer to the basic philosophical problem of the existence of what is. We need the full biblical content concerning God: that He is the infinite-personal God, and the starting place.

This is the argument for Christian education for Christian children. What Schaeffer saw is that Christian truth cannot be cordoned off into “the truths of the Bible,” or to “clearing things up at home,” or to biblical teachings on Sundays and sprinkled throughout the week. If the truth of Christianity is truth about “what is there,” what exists in the entire universe, then surely it makes a difference whether one’s children are taught day-by-day, hour-by-hour, class-by-class that the Triune God of the Bible has nothing to do with “what is there.” Children then grow into adults who have learned to segment and compartmentalize Jesus off into tidy little spaces. We come to accept that the world deals in “facts,” and that our Christian faith deals in “opinions,” which may or may not be authoritative over all existence.

God is the starting, and the ending, place. He is the sum and center. Moral, spiritual and intellectual development must revolve around him as the planets revolve around the Sun. This truth must form the core of our Christian apologetic, and it will begin to do so when our children have a thoroughgoing inculcation in it.


Written by Michael Duenes

November 19, 2014 at 8:38 pm

Posted in Apologetics, Duenes

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