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Black Lives Matter: How Do You Know?

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No one in America can fail to have seen multitudes of young people, many of them college students, carrying around signs saying, “Black lives matter!”

But the colleges and universities where these demonstrations and signs are being displayed really ought to be confronting students with a basic epistemological question: How do you know, based on anything you’re being taught here at [Stanford, UCLA, Cal-Berkeley, Michigan, Harvard, Ole’ Miss, St. Louis University, NYU, Behemoth State], that ‘black lives matter?” Indeed, how do you know that any human lives matter? What is a human life? Does it matter more than the life of a squirrel or a chicken?

Some further questions could be asked: “To whom to ‘black lives matter?'” If I am told, “They matter to the black person who is living that life,” then my next question is: “Based on anything you’re being taught at this secular university, why does that other person’s life place any kind of obligation, moral or otherwise, upon me? If you think it does place an obligation on me, how do you know? Who told you? Do I need to listen to them? Do they speak the truth? Or are they false? Will I be held to account in the future if I do not treat them as if their lives matter? How can you or I know?”

We are a culture lost, adrift without knowledge. We say we cannot know anything for sure. Since we cannot know whether each human being – red, brown, yellow, black or white – truly “matters,” we are left to desperately shout and scream into the gaping void of nothingness that “black lives matter.” But there’s no god to hear us, the college professor says. And Congress can’t pass a law that will make their lives matter. Apparently, there is only a primordial ooze evolving into more complex matter, destined to die and turn into more fertilizer for the plants. Or there is only some kind of impersonal spiritual force and “energy” we can tap into. We’re supposed to pull lasting value and dignity for human life out of this?

What we can know, however, is that God “created mankind in His own image, according to His likeness.” And God called it “very good.” God has set His love specially upon us as His image-bearers, and He is rich in mercy toward us, not wanting to condemn us in our indifference, rebellion and contempt for God and our fellow man. Rather, God sent His Son Jesus here to “seek and to save the lost.” Black lives do indeed matter! We need new hearts from our Lord Jesus Christ in order to see it and know it.



Written by Michael Duenes

December 8, 2014 at 7:38 pm

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