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Christmas and Gratitude

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I took my sons out this morning so they could run their new remote control cars. They were doing more whining than enjoying, and some of their ingratitude has been true to a greater extent than I would like since they opened their multitude of gifts on Christmas. Now I grant that they are kids, but they have received quite generously in their young lives, and I admit that their ingratitude sometimes bothers me.

But their ingratitude had the good effect of causing me to consider my own heart. I may not whine out loud about my situation, as they do; but there are plenty of times when I am whining in my heart about not having this or that. Further, I’ve been given many times more things and stuff in life, along with comforts, than they have. And much of my receiving has gone on without proper thanks to those who gave, and to the ultimate Giver, God himself. What if God dealt with me according to my thankless attitude? If I am seeing a lack of thanks in my son’s hearts, how much more does God see the great lack of thankfulness in my heart?

It made me think of Jesus’ parable about forgiveness. Granted, Jesus was not talking about gratitude, but he tells the parable about the master who forgives the massive debt his servant owes him because the servant has begged him to. And then the servant goes out and throws his own debtor in jail for not repaying the pittance he owes him. The master, seeing this, and recalling how forgiving he had been toward his own servant, has the servant thrown into jail until he can repay all of his debt.

I am like the unforgiving servant, only in the sense that God has given to me so generously – often without thanks from me – and yet I would be hard on my sons who are ungrateful over less. I certainly need Christ’s forgiveness, and this makes me think about how to teach my sons gratitude with a soft and patient heart. God does so, and much more, with me.


Written by Michael Duenes

December 26, 2014 at 10:04 am

Posted in Duenes, Thank the Lord

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