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Have God’s Touch On Your Life

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zechariahGiving free reign to impure lusts, dishonoring our bodies, proclaiming and trusting in lies, giving our ultimate allegiance and loyalty to human beings, being consumed by degrading passions, women giving themselves sexually to other women, men burning with desire for other men and committing indecent and lewd acts with each other, offering no acknowledgement of God, giving in to depravity in our thinking, rebelling against parents, envying others, deceiving others, proving untrustworthy in our dealings, gossiping and slandering . . . these are the evidences of God’s anger and judgment. We need not look, in particular, for fire coming down from heaven or particular “bad” events happening to people before we may say that we are under God’s wrath and judgment. The practices listed above do not lead to God’s judgment; they are God’s judgment being worked out among us.

My wife and I are reading a book on “chores” right now. I think most parents believe in having their kids do chores, but I have never read anything before that so persuasively commends chores as a way to teach one’s children to serve others and develop a life of discipleship, of taking up one’s cross. It’s really a compelling vision for our children. The book is called “Managers of Their Chores,” by Steven and Teri Maxwell.

The new legislative session has begun in Kansas, and working for a government agency, I’ve been involved in the process of introducing legislation this year. What has struck me more than anything is the tremendous level of human energy and infrastructure that goes into creating laws to govern us. You walk into the capital building and you are surrounded by congressional leaders whose main job is to work on laws. You then run into the myriad lobbyists who seek to propose and influence laws. Then you see the people who work on getting the laws properly written into law books. And then there are the administrative staff that engage in the ancillary work required to keep the whole process moving. All this so that we can have laws. It’s astounding.

Of all the things I most fear my children falling into, it’s the widespread false Christianity (which is really not Christianity), dubbed by sociologist, Christian Smith, as “moralistic therapeutic deism,” that is, “a vague, vapid approach to religion, one that can be summed up as: ‘God exists, and he wants us to be nice to each other, and to be happy and successful.'” (See Rod Dreher, “Christian and Countercultural,” found here. This is a fantastic piece, by the way.). This “moralistic, therapeutic deism is, in Dreher’s estimation, the dominant civic religion today, and has massively infected young “Christians” in particular. I agree, and am keen on avoiding it and on raising my children to avoid it. Our infinite, eternal and sinless Lord Jesus did not die to purchase this shriveled false religion for His people.

A few years back I read a little piece of advice by Gordon Fee, namely, “have God’s touch on your life.” I didn’t know what all this meant, and I still don’t, but I think it has to mean something akin to Jesus’ command to “abide” in Him. I have thought about this advice frequently over the years since I read it, but have it before me even more so now. I find that I often come to the end of my work day and do not feel that I have had, in any specific way, God’s “touch” on my life. It’s not that I feel I am consciously disobeying God, or trying to ignore Him, but I am obviously not sitting around at work reading the Bible, and I have to devote serious mental energy to my work, so I wonder what it means to have God’s touch on my life as I do this. I am committed to trying to find out, but I’m a novice, for sure. I’d like to experience a level of conscious awareness of God’s touch on my life (and on the lives of others) as I go about my daily labors.



Written by Michael Duenes

January 24, 2015 at 7:51 am

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