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The White House and the Gray Lady Justify the Wicked and Condemn the Righteous

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God Almighty says: “To show partiality to the wicked is not good” (Prov. 18:5); “The one who justifies the wicked and the one who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD.” (Prov. 17:15).

Planned Parenthood is wicked. The employees of Planned Parenthood who promulgate the company’s slaughter and trade of innocent humans and accede to its evil, are wicked. If this were not clear before the Center for Medical Progress videos came out, it is clear now. It cannot be denied by simply refusing to watch the videos.

But apparently, refusing to watch the videos is what President Obama and his White House Staff have done. And they have done this in an attempt to justify, to “declare righteous,” the barbaric Planned Parenthood, to whom they are eager to give money. This, too, is clear.

Though journalists at the New York Times and other such outlets have certainly watched the videos, they too have had little to say about the evil the videos obviously show, and have taken the opportunity to “condemn the righteous,” the Center for Medical Progress, who is clearly righteous in this instance, as Rahab the harlot was righteous in hiding the Hebrew spies from the Canaanites.

Thus, many in our political leadership and our media have justified the wicked Planned Parenthood and condemned the righteous pro-lifers who have sought to expose Planned Parenthood’s murderous trade in slaughtered human beings.

God is equally clear about his sentiment toward those who justify the wicked and condemn the righteous. We shrink these days from saying that anyone is an abomination to God, but the author of Proverbs didn’t. We should perhaps shudder with sobriety as we do so, but we should be clear-eyed in our understanding of what is going on. The wicked are being justified and the righteous are being vilified and condemned, and God finds those who are doing this to be an abomination. “This is the one who whom I will look: the one who is humble and contrite in spirit and who trembles at my word.” (Isa. 63:3).



Written by Michael Duenes

August 29, 2015 at 6:53 pm

The Butchers of ISIS and You Face the Exact Same Fate After Death . . . Deal With That!

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I haven’t written anything in more than two months, for various reasons, but I felt compelled to say something while I have a free moment today.

ISIS continues to rape innocent girls and women (and likely men and boys) brutally and mercilessly, while beheading others, making war, committing mass murder, recruiting people to their regime and leaving tens of thousands in squalor and poverty. The “leadership” of North Korea continues to run a prison police state, oppressing and impoverishing millions, denying its citizens even basic human goods, summarily executing people who have committed no crimes, and threatening war against non-aggressor nations. China’s dictators still ruthlessly suppress, beat, maim, and imprison Christians and other religious people. They also continue their “one child policy,” which, in practical terms, means they condemn millions upon millions of mostly unborn girls to death, and deny millions of men future wives, creating a demographic catastrophe. The citizens of the United States, legally mind you, continue to carry out a systematic genocide against black Americans in particular and all Americans in general, having killed over 50 million of their own citizens in the name of “choice” and “sexual freedom.” Our hands are stained with the blood of unborn generations.

And these are but a few, a very few, of the regimes and nations around the world who, at this moment, engage in large-scale and routine execution, oppression, racist discrimination, imprisonment, rape, warfare and impoverishment of human beings, not to mention the well-known historical examples of such actions. Doubtless you could think of many others and their practical actions without too much effort.

Cursory attention to the world around us also brings to mind people who would cut open babies’ faces in order to extract their brains for trade, people who would do all in their power to explain this away, who bully and belittle gay people for fun, who rape and murder others for drugs, turf, car stereos, respect, shoes, out of jealousy or because they simply don’t like the look of them. It includes people who beat their wives and girlfriends and molest their children as a matter of course, who subscribe to websites so they can find others with whom to commit adultery (ruining whole families), who embezzle others’ honestly-earned money, who discriminate against others simply because of how they look, who steal others’ property for political gain, who knowingly slander others to the ruin of their reputations and careers, who utterly neglect their children or spouses for personal gain, who accept bribes and kickbacks, who defraud others (e.g., Enron) to the destruction of their innocent employees’ careers and life savings, who kidnap children to hold for ransom, who vent their anger toward others or simply undermine them in subtle ways . . . and the list could go on at length.

But why mention all this, when we mostly – at least where I live – get to ignore it? Charles Darwin and his progeny tell us that we human beings are simply physical creatures who happen to be here by random chance and mutation, with no purpose or meaning, and with no life after death. We are born by accident, die, and turn into manure. And this is the official teaching of our government and public schools and the culturally dominant narrative and worldview in the western world about reality.

But what does it mean, if it’s true? It means at least what John Lennon says it means: “No hell below us, above us only sky. ” It means there is no justice in front of anyone involved in the parade of horribles listed above, a parade which uncovers only a very small fraction of the grave injustices we do to each others, large and small, each day.

But do any significant number of people live as if this is true, as if the grizzly ghouls of ISIS who intentionally and quite happily rape, dismember and slaughter innocent others with an arrogant and high hand, should pay nothing for their actions, and at their death, should come to merely the same end as everyone else, by virtue of the fact that their raping and killing was merely a matter of what their accidentally mutated genes programmed them to do?

I couldn’t help pondering today, as I tried to think in a somewhat unsentimental way about the real world around me, filled with wickedness, pain and death, that the Darwinian narrative must be false, simply on these grounds alone, whatever else it might have to commend it.


Written by Michael Duenes

August 29, 2015 at 2:05 pm