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Malcolm Muggeridge: There is No Escape

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In 1970, Malcolm Muggeridge wrote an essay, The Great Liberal Death Wish, which puts its finger on the pulse not merely of 1970, but of 2017 as well. Change a few historical referents, and it may as well have been written yesterday. For it lays bare the understanding of the “sexual revolution,” under which we are currently hurtling toward the abyss of human degradation and misery. He wrote:

Sex is the only mysticism materialism offers, and so to sex the pursuers of happiness address themselves with an avidity and dedication seldom, if ever, surpassed.

By “mysticism,” Muggeridge means that the secular man has sought to de-mythologize and de-spiritualize everything and proclaim that we are nothing more than highly evolved mammals brought to this point by random mutations. Yet at the same time, modern man wants to hold on to some sort of meaning, a transcendent experience beyond the grinding reality of everyday life. Having jettisoned the Triune God of the Bible, rapturous orgasms (and they are always “rapturous,” are they not!) are supposed to put us in the throes of a mystical, magical reality. It is the new god, and must be ardently promulgated and worshipped, and dissenters must be stamped out. So Muggeridge goes on:

Who among posterity will ever be able to reconstruct the resultant scene? Who for that matter can convey it today? The vast, obsessive outpouring of erotica in every shape and form; in book and film and play and entertainment, in body and word and deed, so that there is no escape for anyone.

Heh! Muggeridge didn’t even have the internet.

The lame and the halt, the doddering and the infirm, equally called upon somehow to squeeze out of their frail flesh the requisite response. It is the flesh that quickeneth, the spirit profiteth nothing; copulo ergo sum, I screw, therefore, I am – the new version of Descartes’s famous axiom.

Yes! Participation is not voluntary. Each of us is conscripted into action. You WILL respond with approval and join in the celebration. If you want to use the internet or watch the television or drive down the street or simply stand and pick your nose, you cannot avoid the new god. He’s in your face at all times!

All possible impediments swept away; no moral taboos, no legal ones, either. An orgasm a day, however procured, keeps the doctor away. Pornography, like Guinness, is good for us, as numerous learned doctors and professors have been at great pains to establish.

He goes on, but you’ll have to read it yourself. Certainly the legal landscape has been utterly rearranged so as to punish the dissenter, the Obergefell decision being one of the most momentous, lawless, and horrific, in the Supreme Court’s history.

Every paragraph in Muggeridge’s essay is eminently quotable, because accurate and pointed. If only one could find it on the internet. It’s found in the book: Things Past.




Written by Michael Duenes

May 20, 2017 at 10:30 am

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