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I Wouldn’t Give Yale University One Red Cent

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Nor Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford and a whole host of other “big name” colleges either. At least not as presently constituted and governed. If any of my children want to go there, that will be up to them when the time comes, but you can bet I will employ all of my persuasive powers in urging them not to attend such schools. And so far as it depends on me, they will most certainly have to pay for it on their own dime, not because I don’t want to give them financial assistance for their higher educational task, but simply because I cannot countenance giving money to such institutions as Yale, et al.

They are intellectually, culturally, morally and spiritually bankrupt, and that’s true despite the presence of any superb and courageous faculty they may have. There are not nearly enough of such faculty to offset the problem. These places have ceased to have an overall legitimate reason to exist. That they exist to foment lies, ignorance, tyranny, arrogance, and even violence, has become self-evident.

Jonathan Edwards once attended Yale College and was president of Princeton. Oh, to think how these universities have fallen into the abyss since then! I have thought this about certain of America’s “universities” for awhile, but this piece by Rod Dreher, entitled Yale Rewards Student Thugs, Bullies, clinched it.

When students who engage in physically-threatening, mob-like activity are not disciplined, regularly expelled, and told in the most explicit terms that their behavior will not be tolerated, but instead, are celebrated by the administration of the university, then that place has ceased to be one to which I would give a single one of my hard-earned nickels.

It has rather become a place of anti-intellectual cowardice where no true learning is taking place. It deserves condemnation and disdain, not continued support and admiration.



Written by Michael Duenes

May 28, 2017 at 1:21 pm

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