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Malcolm Muggeridge: They Represent Us Too Exactly

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In an essay entitled, England, Whose England?,  Malcolm Muggeridge asserted: “We like to persuade ourselves that our leaders betray the trust imposed in them and distort the aspirations of those who elect them. Actually they represent us all too exactly.”

Nowhere have I found this to be more true than when I am listening to some “conservative” radio talk show host blather on about this or that conservative politician. The host tells us that, somehow. Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan or some other politico has appallingly let us down, that we elected them to go to Washington and implement some textbook conservative platform. I’ve always found this notion to be absurd, as Muggeridge articulates.

It seems to me we largely get who we want. Conservatives vote for people who do not shrink the deficit because, well, we don’t want the deficit shrunk. Doing things like shrinking the deficit means other things, things we should like to retain very much, would have to go. Doing things like fighting overseas wars means that our boys would have to go and die, and we should like very much that they not go and die. The examples could be multiplied.

So I always wonder who this fictitious demographic is out there who allegedly aspires to have our political leaders do something different than they are currently doing. There’s a lot of whining and hang-wringing, and yet, somehow, inexplicably, the same types of people, with the same lack of character, with same lack of principle and same appetite for the status quo, keep getting elected. Fancy that!



Written by Michael Duenes

June 4, 2017 at 1:50 pm

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